Friday, February 15, 2008

etsyFriday - Piddleloop Edition

 Miss Lizzie has taken an interest in my knitting and not in a good way.  If I leave the house, she'll hunt around until she finds one of my projects and then gets the yarn out for some chewing.  Strangely, she tends to succeed when the pouch contains yarn that is on the scratchier side and 100% wool.  Strange, no?   Also, do you notice, she only does this when I'm not home -- The Husband is home.  He got my brown bag away from her once and then he turned away "for just a moment".  This time, Lizzie & Morganna decided to battle over the pouch.  Poor Piddleloop travel bag was no more. 

Side note:  I do want to point out that the seams didn't give. The zipper didn't give.  The construction of these bags is rock solid.  It was the actual fabric that ripped.  I'm pretty impressed -- two 135 lb Mastiffs playing tug-a-war without a seam pop?  Incredible.  I wonder if Wendy & Jennifer would consider making toys for the dogs...

Now, you know I didn't blame Lizzie or Morganna for the bags demise.  No, the blame fell squarely on the shoulders of The Husband.  So, I send him Jennifer's email address and told him to make it right.  Jennifer was lovely as always and promptly asked me which bags I wanted and set them aside for me.   A few days later, these babies were alllll MINE! 

I got my first Piddly.  Perfectly sized for sock or mitten or mitt projects. 

Piddleloop BagsElephant Piddly

I also got a project pouch/travel set.  (I honestly can never remember the difference. This one has a pocket and elastic to hold needles on the inside.)


Aren't those pigs the cutest?  And as part of Jen & Wendy's wonderful style:


A little piggy stitch marker from Dragon Lady Designs

And the matching 4x6 pouch -- even the lining matches:

Piddleloop Bags Piddleloop

And they are nothing if not enablers:


Jen also throws in a bunch of little goodies:



Piddleloop Bags

They even remembered the pups: 


Want a Piddleloop or Piddly for yourself?  Piddleloop on Etsy