Friday, April 4, 2008

etsy Friday and CRASH!!!! and Wish Us Luck

Since y'all are so interested my sock yarn -- this etsy Friday is about Keegan Lane Yarns.

Keegan Lane Yarns is brain-child of Melissa and you can find her yarns on Ravelry.

She has a sock club -- with a gorgeous pattern & yarn combo for this month ... (sorry links on Ravelry). We're a too late for this round, but I know I'm going for it next round. :D

The yarns come in various weights. I got 2 skeins of her "lux worsted":

In Prairie Storm:


which turned into:
Foliage Hat (modeled by Lizzie)

I also have a skein of Black Magic Woman that I haven't decided on what to make:

This yarn knits up a treat - and that hat kept me comfy through the long cold Chicago winter.

Now that I've discovered socks, I got a skein of Toast Sock BIG Footies for my husband in Milky Way:
Keegan Lane, Toasty Sock2008-02-25 19-08-13_Edited

And for myself -- gorgeous En Pointe sock yarn in Northern Lights.
Keegan Lane, En Pointe Sock2008-02-25 19-07-46_Edited

I had to get this color way when I saw these gorgeous socks. (Sorry another Ravelry link.)

And now for the CRASH!!! My computer had a complete meltdown last night. I managed to get most of my important files off of it and then had to reset to all the factory settings. So, I'm attempting to get everything back the way it was and not loose my speedy internet connection. (so far it hasn't been bad.)

And my humble request for good thoughts for us! Bruce and I are going back into the conformation ring this weekend for the first time in over a year and a half. He's filling out nicely (finally) and has come a long way. On Sunday, we're showing Lizzie as well. After we're done in the ring, Lizzie & Bruce are getting their CERF exams and Bruce is getting his Cardiac test. Both are important tests to for breeding.

So tomorrow at 10:45 am, and Sunday from 1pm to around 4 good thought would be greatly appreciated. :D

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OMG -- Its working!!!

I don't know what happened. I read a bunch of stuff, I twitched a bunch of stuff and managed to get 4 pictures uploaded in under 10 minutes. Woo hoo --

So, while its working, here's some sock stash. :D Too late for links, so I'll let you guess what all it is. :D

Knit Picks, Risata2008-03-21 18-04-17_Edited

Keegan Lane, Toasty Sock2008-02-25 19-08-13_Edited

Keegan Lane, En Pointe Sock2008-02-25 19-07-46_Edited

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Laci2008-01-18 20-50-59_Edited

Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Gone But Probably Forgotten

Wow! It has certainly been awhile since I've posted anything. I find myself constantly faced with the eternal question:


My life went from pretty laid back, to the point of being boring, to non-stop action. At work, I've got a new boss who expects 8 hours of work while at work. There's also a ton of work to do in the evenings for the breed clubs I'm participating in. There's also Bruce's rally class on Wednesday evenings. We're also working on one of the bathrooms in our house (new floor is in, so is the vanity and the countertop has been ordered). And don't forget about our business, Pantheon Acres.

I'm working with a wonderful designer on our new website. (Sorry -- it isn't ready yet. I promise you guys will be the first to know. ) Here's her personal and her professional sites. She does great work doesn't she? Did I mention she's in Finland? However, I still have to come up with with all the content. It is amazing how many different place I've managed to stash the digital photo files. So, I've been organizing files like a madwoman.

And then there's my beautiful new computer. Dual core processors; tons of memory; horrible internet connection. For some reason, my computer cannot stay connected to the internet. I've turned off the firewall, turned off everything else on the wireless network, uploading in the morning, the afternoon, the evening -- to no avail. It can take me an hour to upload a single picture to Flickr. If I've got more than one tab open on my browser, there a good chance that one will time out. I've tried changing browsers, no go... So while I have some time that I could spend blogging -- I'm just too frustrated... Especially, when my work computer connected to the same wireless network, has no issues.

But after getting an "Are you alive?" message from somebody who really has more important things to worry about, I decided to fight with whatever demon has barred my internet enjoyment. Its taken most of my evening, but I did it -- here's my post and pictures of what I've been knitting...

My creation

If you have any suggestions for fixing my internet connection, please email me at errs at yahoo dot com.

I'm going to sign off now so I don't loose this entire post. (If you're looking for me, I'm errs at Ravelry too.)