Friday, September 21, 2007

etsy Friday

Sooo many neat goodies to share... (The Husband was in the dog house and instead of flowers, used etsy to get back into my good graces.)

From Merlin the Cat:

Merlin the Cat

100% Extra Fine Merino Lace Weight (430 yards) in Shades of Green. It is so gorgeous and spring like. It'll make a great lace shawl for those chilly spring days.

From Studio 1212:

Studio 1212

Heavy - Giclee print. I can't wait to frame this.

From Julia Martinez Designs:
Julia Martinez Designs 2

Great fabrics, great options and very nicely made. It can work as a purse or as a project bag.

From Creations by Uli:

Creations by Uli 2

The bracelet was tied to the card with a pink bow, but I wanted to try it on so badly that I took it apart before I could take a picture.

Creations by Uli 1

Titanium Caterpillar Chainmaille Bracelet -- It is even cooler in person. :D

This I bought for myself:

From Stony Creek:

Stony Creek 1

Mothaway Satchets -- These smell heavenly. Spicy but not too manly, flowery, but not to girly. There a couple in my stash and more with my finished objects that are destined to be gifts.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lookee -- A Contest

Hey, I found a great contest:

One skein a month for an entire year... Linky

Life Goes On

I'm still working on getting the pictures fixed...Every time I think I'm done, I check and poof another one has disappeared.

I did however get my TiVo and Directv talking to each other again. I had to order a special part, but it is worth it. And with the new fall season starting soon, I've got to get those new shows on my list. Almost done with that.

As a reward for being Ms. FixIt -- I went to a Knitty meetup downtown and got to meet a bunch of awesome women. There was blooangl, fujiyamamama, jpknits, snickerdoodle, and bina (who was visiting the city.) It was wonderful company, good food, and good beer. No pictures -- sorry, I went straight after work and I'm not lugging around a camera with all my other crap.

Speaking of work -- my office moved to a new building. The bathrooms are nice, but the toilets are the low water flushing jobbies. Can somebody tell me the savings when you've got to flush 2x or more to get the toilet paper to go away?

(Tune in tomorrow for etsy Friday and next week -- fuzzy dogs!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just When I Thought I Was Finished...

I thought that I had fixed my picture issues...

But if you look around -- some are still marked as "unavailable". Thanks to Amanda's helpful comment to my Hiatus post, I had a new direction to look for solutions. So I searched and found out it wasn't Google or Blogger or Ravelry, like I thought it was. The issue was with Flickr, but not in the way that I thought.

According to this, if you change the privacy settings of a picture, you change the name of the picture. Nice to know. So because I had uploaded a bunch of pictures, some of which I wanted to be private, all of the got changed to private, and then when I changed the ones I wanted to back to public -- the names changed. Sigh.

I'm so glad I haven't been blogging that long. I'm back "on hiatus" while I fix the pictures that are screwed up on the blog and make sure things are still fully functioning on Ravelry.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fixed and Finished

This weekend was nothing like I planned. The Husband was out of town, golfing with his dad and brother. It was going to be me, the dogs, and knitting. Nice and quiet. I ended up spending most of the weekend on the computer, adding the progress bars, fixing my Flickr issues and other housekeeping stuff. I also started blocking my Rosebud Shawl -- yup, more wet wool. Seriously, I've knit 8 rows. 8 in 48 hours. Very frustrating. Poor Husband got
sick (of course he still played golf) and is miserable.

Weekend Accomplishments:

Fixed: I think I got most if not all of the pictures working again. I also added the progress bars for my WIPs on the side. They are straight from Ravelry and I'm one of the few lucky 20 folks to get them to test out. What do you think??

Finished: I finished (blocked, ends woven in, ready to wear) a couple more scarves this weekend. I also finished knitting My Rosebud Shawl which is currently blocking. But, since I've already spend too much time on the computer, and the husband is due home in an hour, I'm going to knit instead of post pictures and stuff.

Here's a teaser until I can get full posts up.
Mosaic 1