Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Is there anything more tedious and boring than blocking? I've been blocking my 90% finished items since Sunday. As one dries, then another one takes its place.

It started with the Diagonal Lace scarf:

Diagonal Lace Scarf 3

Then the Mini-Clap:
Mini Clapotis 3

Diagonal Lace Scarf 4

There's still a little room left -- so Huff the Merino Dragon gets his turn on the board.

Huff the Merino Dragon 8
Huff the Merino Dragon 7

The Mini-Clap dried the next day. So, in went the Besotted Scarf (The Husband's Birthday gift).

Besotted Scarf 5

Besotted Scarf 6

Yesterday, Huff and the Diagonal Lace Scarf dried, so I replaced them with My So-Called Scarf and the Sproingy Scarf.
My So-Called Scarf 9
My So-Called Scarf 6

I think the worst part is leaning on the moist surface and having it seep into your skin. Granted threading the wires through is tedious, but really, I hate the damp.

Stayed tuned...Finished Objects Coming Soon.

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Stacey said...

look at all those scarves!!!!! Wet wool - icky...