Friday, August 17, 2007

Blog Plans

I know that somebody besides me has been reading this on occasion, so I've decided to list out my future plans for the blog, so that I can remember and my secret readers have something to look forward to.

  1. Start etsy Friday
  2. Post about Stitches Midwest
  3. Setup a blog roll from google reader
  4. Add buttons and links for other blogs I read
  5. add an RSS feed thingy
  6. Add buttons and links for other sites I frequent
  7. Add buttons/links for place I like to shop & browse
  8. Get some decent pictures of the pups and post them
  9. Add button/links to Ravelry
  10. Start showing some of my work in progress

I think that's enough for now.

etsy Friday

I really like the new trend of etsy Friday. I'm not very creative, so I'll never be a seller, but I do so enjoy shopping and browsing. I started shopping at etsy based on some of the items on Sock Pr0n's blog.

I really like the idea of supporting cottage industries, so I've also created and added an etsy mini to my side bar.

I love these little bags from JapaneseHandMade. This one is holding my Double-Sided Scarf project

Japanese Handmade Etc 2

My StormWater Scarf lives in this one:

Japanese Handmade Etc 1

This picture does not do the lovely colors in this Merino Twist 4-ply Yarn from DragonFibers


I got three adorable gift bags from Betriska. I plan on using them at Christmas to hold presents.

Betriska 2
Betriska 1

I seem to have lost the picture for the third one.

These sweet little stitch markers and row counters are from Sarkasmo. She was a treat to work with and she put together special sizes for me and my scarf projects.
Sarkasmo 1

This adorable bag and dpn holder are housing my Matisse Mittens & Hat and needles. (This will be my first project on dpn's so its in the bag ready to start, but I'm not ready.) I got both the bag and holder from EenyMeeny...MienyMoe.
EenyMeenyMienyMoe 1

I got some more stuff, but no pictures - so here's a quick list.

Adorable penguin cuff links from lux delux. They were a gift for my husband who is now looking for a reason to wear them.

Hand Balm from Azul Bath and Body. This stuff is so wonderfully moisturizing. Yum! I love using it after working with cotton for dish rags.

Hope you enjoyed the little browse through etsy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday are for Bruce Class

Bruce & I are going to Rally class again tonight. (No, silly Bruce isn't The Husband, he's a Mastiff.) Plus, I'm fixing my pictures so that I can add them to Ravelry.

So for today, I leave you with two things to ponder:

1. Why is it impossible to find a place with a comfortable temperature in the summer? If there's no AC, you're sweltering, but if there is AC, chances are the room is so cold you can see your breath.

2. Ever have a smell trigger a long forgotten memory? Walking to the bus stop after work, I got a whiff of a unpleasant, yet familiar smell. It took a minute, but then I placed the was the same smell that hung in my nose for days when we were dissecting frogs in bio class in high school.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last week was a very busy week for getting mail.

I received my "Posy Sock Sack" from KnitNana

Knit Nana

Isn't it adorable? But I have to be honest and confess that I don't knit socks. So I am officially changing its name to "Posy Scarf Sack". :D

I also got my Yarn from Ms. Pixie Riot
Pixie Riot 2

The coolest part is the swag that she included
Pixie Riot 1

Those little things are actually magnets. I adore them! They just make me smile all silly.

Dish Rag Tag

I have fulfilled my responsibilities as a member of Team XDR in Dish Rag Tag.

My box showed up late Saturday. I was sooooo excited to see real Peaches & Cream along with the great dishrag and goodies from my teammate. :D

Dish Rag Tag 1

Thanks Elizabeth for all the goodies!

Some pics of my new dishrag (we tried to get the lace detail in the pictures, but it didn't turn out quiet the way I wanted it to.)

Dish Rag Tag 2
Dish Rag Tag 3

Heads up Val, the box is heading your way. That's if the Chicago postal service actually sends it.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Where Did All the Time Go???

I can't believe that its already Monday!!!!

We had a busy weekend of dog shows, Stitches, and dinner up north.

I have pictures for Etsy Friday (but you'll have to wait until next Friday). And pictures of all my new stash. :D

Morganna took 2nd in her class and Reserve Winners B.

Lizzie took 1st in her class, BOW and BOS. But she was only one of two Mastiffs who showed. LOL

Hopefully a better post tomorrow.