Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesdays are for Rally

Tonight Bruce and I are off to our weekly Rally class. Its great because it gets him out and about and keeps his mind active. Most people think that Mastiffs aren't very smart, but you'd be surprised. Bruce has such a great time going through the course (and getting treats) and you can see him try to figure out new stations on the course.

For the uninitiated, Rally was started by APDT and picked up by the AKC. It is supposed to be a bridge into obedience, but I think that the actual exercises are harder in Rally. You're allowed to talk and encourage your dog during a trial and you have to keep a loose lead through the course. There's no harsh corrections -- even verbal -- or else you you could be disqualified.

My dream is for Bruce & I to get high in trial at the National Specialty next May. (If you're gonna dream, dream big!)

I did get some yarn and etsy purchases in the mail today. I also managed to take pictures, but I'm on the clock, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow. I did get a couple of patterns to and I'm eager to cast on for all of them. But I'll be good and finish my Sproingy Scarf.

Which patterns you ask? The Baltic Sea Stole by Fiber Trends, Dragonscale Scarf by Bad Cat Designs, and last but certainly not least, Storm Water Scarf/Stole.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday's Aren't My Favorite Day

Not that anything bad happened... I just don't like Mondays. It is alway so hard to get up in the morning and I hate having to try and remember what I was working on when I left the office on Friday. I think I leave myself notes -- trail markers to my activities and plans -- but come Monday, the notes are just obscure.

Also Monday means that I have to leave my house and the company of The Husband and my dogs and my knitting. This is after a weekend of "cleaning" which meant that I got to play with my stash. I made sure that all my projects and yarn were entered in Ravelry. I wish there was some way of keeping track of all the patterns that I have, especially from magazines. But I digress...

I wanted to stay home and keep knitting on my Sproingy Scarf. I'm use my Brooks Farm Four Play. I love the way the colors are showing up in the scarf. Sorry, no pictures -- I need to take pictures of a bunch of FO's. I also need to take some pictures of the dogs.

Instead, I think I'll just spend some quality time with my scarf.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Very First Post

What does one say in a blog anyway? I'm not particularly witty, though I have my moments. I'm not an expert in anything. I guess I'll just post about the things that fill my life -- knitting and my dogs.

What is Pantheon Acres? It is the name of our future kennel where we'll have Mastiffs and Eurasiers. Right now, I share my life and home with The Husband, 3 Mastiffs and 1 Eurasier.

"What's a Eurasier?", you ask. Check out the official USEC website.

I'll post pictures as I figure out all this new technology. I'm feeling a little pathethic as I used to be so on top of new technology and now I'm playing perpetual catchup. I just found out what a widget was yesterday. Sigh.

For now you'll have to settle for looking at my stash thanks to Flickr.