Saturday, December 15, 2007

Small Stash Enhancment

A local yarn store, Fringe, is going out of business.  Don't be too sad, because the owners of Fringe, are also the owners of Dream in Color yarns.  Dream in Color has taken off, so they need to close the store to dedicate themselves to the business.

Last Saturday,  I spent a few hours shopping at their sale and picked up a few items.

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Light Moss -- which has already become a bath mitt. 


Plymouth Linen Island -- this will probably become a small hand towel a la Mason Dixon.


2 skeins of lovely Malabrigo Worsted in Emerald Vivacity


Some Knit One Crochet Too Cotonade in Pebble -- this will probably become some sort of face cloth.


2 skeins of Mauch Chunky by Kramer Yarns in Cotton Candy -- 1 skein has already turned into 2 hats for my nieces.


A couple of skeins of Hemp for Knitting #210 Hempwol in Natural, Licorice, and Silver Sage

    12_08_07Pics003_edited12_08_07Pics006_edited  12_08_07Pics009_edited

2 skeins of Alpaca with a Twist Highlander in Heather in Bloom (isn't that a great name?)


And last but not least -- as they run Dream in Color, the 2nd's are available for purchase:

Dream in Color Smooshy in (I think) November Muse:

12_08_07Pics002_edited 12_08_07Pics001_edited

Dream in Color Fatty in Black


I also picked up a bunch of books:

  • The Knitting Answer Book

  • The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns

  • 101 Designer One Skein

  • Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting Designs

  • Big Girl Knits

And a couple of patterns:

  • Smittens

  • Pacific Northwest Shawl

  • Head Huggers

  • Hat & Mitten

And of course some DPN's (to go into my new case)

Friday, December 14, 2007

etsy Friday

As last Friday, was all about Christmas Shopping on etsy... this week is all about presents for me...

First, from Blue Kitty Designs, is not so much a present but a necessity.  I have a dpn holder, but it won't hold needles longer than 6" -- doesn't do me much good.  And since I've been on a huge hat kick, I need the dpns.  A search on etsy turned up this delight -- which came to me wrapped in lovely tissue paper:


It has a bunch of slots for two lengths of needles, and a nice flap that folds-over to keep the needles from sliding out.


Bruce was very happy because he got the box it came in -- Lizzie was upset because she didn't get a box.


But then Bruce decided to share


Lizzie didn't get her own box, because my Piddleloop stuff came in an envelope.  A very well-taped envelope.   (I don't know if you can see just how much tape is covering the flap in this picture.)


Knowing that it was going to be the last update of the year, and the fact that I totally missed out on their last update, I might have gone a little overboard...

First up, my mod kitty project back with matching notions pouch.  (I wish the camera was more true to color, the navy ribbon is just so awesome.)


I also got a neat little pouch for holding needles.  Sometimes I've got several projects that I want to be working on, or I need to switch needle sizes -- this little pouch is perfect for holding extra needles


I also got one of their new, Piddly bags -- and its got sheeps in trees!!!!  With a very lovely stitch marker from Walnut Ridge Studio.


I really wanted to get a close up picture of the marker, but my camera and I have been having some issues lately.  I tried to get the gorgeous lining of the sheep bag -- see how that turned out?


But in addition to the awesome bags for my knitting projects, she also sent some goodies... 


Seriously, so much stuff that it almost fills my Piddly Bag


What's in the tin you say??? 


Is it wrong that I was as excited about the little tin as I was about the bags????

In other etsy news -- I am now official addicted to POUNCE.  This rocks!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flashback - Ravelry Swag

I can't believe that I forgot to blog all about the neat Ravelry stuff I got. 

If you're on Ravelry, you can find all the details about the shirts and buttons.  If you're not on yet, I'm sorry, but I've got no information for you.  (You did sign up for an invite, didn't you?)

First, the T-shirt.  I love this shirt - it appeals to both my knitting-geek and my technology-geek. 

The front:


The back:


I also bought a set of buttons:




Now I feel an official part of Ravelry.