Saturday, December 8, 2007

etsy Friday on Saturday -- Easy Christmas Shopping

Better late than never, right? 

Note:  If you are related to me or are expecting a Christmas gift from me, and haven't told me that you read this blog, you might want to not read this post. You might find out what you're getting for Christmas. (Thought it would serve you right for reading this blog and not telling me!)

I did a great deal of my Christmas shopping on line at esty, so I thought I'd share my purchases with you.

First, from Becky Sharp Designs, I purchased two books for my aunt and uncle: the Green Clouds Blank Book and Brown Floral Blank Book.  No pictures, because I had them shipped directly to my parents house and Becky was kind enough not to include the invoice. ;)

Next, from The Wheel & I, I purchased the Green Burst Dish for friends of the family.  I also picked up these two items.  I'm not sure who's getting the Green Carved Bowl:


A couple we're close to is getting the Blue Moon Bowl:  (my pictures don't do the colors justice):

Everything was packed nicely, with no worries of breakage. 

And finally from Roller Coasters, I purchased these coasters, International Passport Coasters, for cousins who love to travel.  I also purchased these:  I might just keep them since they look so good in my house.


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