Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stash and Snow

Last night was filled with somewhat surprises -- somewhat because they were expected but fun all the same.

First, I got a delivery from Little Knits.  They had an awesome sale on SWTC Twize (Ravelry).  Its 100% bamboo in a worsted weight.  I got a bag (10 skeins) in "Twack" -- also know as black and white:

12_04_2007PICS013_edited       12_04_2007PICS011_edited

I also got 2 bags of it in "Twey" which probably should be "gray" but I don't think so.  Look at the color on Little KnitsAnd on the actual SWTC site.  And here are my pictures -- first with a flash:


Then with the flash but closer:


And then without the flash:

12_04_2007PICS010_edited     12_04_2007PICS004_edited

Don't they look different?  Or am I going crazy?  (Its okay to tell me I'm crazy lots of people do.)

I also got some more Sea Silk, in Sterling, but I'm not so sure that it is really silvery... it more of a goldish-gray.  I can't seem to find a picture of this colorway on line, so you'll have to settle for my pictures:

With a flash:


Color corrected: (sorta with PhotoShop Elements)


Without the flash-- in this one it looks the most silvery -- go figure.


And now for the snow party --  we knew that it was going to snow, but we didn't think there would be any accumulation.  But there was and the puppies had fun -- here they are coming in from a romp...



Tyler the Snow Beast

12_04_2007PICS020_edited 12_04_2007PICS017_edited   12_04_2007PICS016_edited   Lizzie




The Goofy Girls


Tyler says, "Is dinner ready yet????"


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piddleloop said...

dammit google hijacked yer comments too.

anyways i really like how the mastifs have snow on their backs coming in, like the hounds did the other nite.
but the older they get the less they like the snow.

and tyler/mr. fuzzypants looks awesome with the snow!