Thursday, October 4, 2007

Travelling Knitting Decided

After much deliberation, I have picked the projects for this trip. 

Project 1:  Irish Hiking Scarf (Ravelry) using Black Water Abbey 2-Ply Worsted (Ravelry) in Pippen.

Black Water Abbey 2

Project 2:  Knit/Purl Scarf (Ravelry) using yarn from the Illinois Green Pastures Collection (Esther's Place) (Ravelry) in Maroon.  This yarn is 80/20 alpaca/wool.

Illinois Green Pastures Collection 5

However, after The Husband wound this yarn into cakes... I was doubting that it was really a sport/DK but closer to a DK/Worsted.  I decided to cast on for the Knit/Purl Scarf and while I liked the density of the fabric I was getting, it was much too wide.

This morning I commenced a quick search on Ravelry seeing if I could find a better pattern more suited to the large size of the yarn.  I found the Mozart Scarf from the Morehouse Farm Merino Knits Book (Ravelry link) - the book is at home, so I'm not sure if it is "the" substitute.  Also found the One Row Handspun Scarf (R) from the Yarn Harlot.  I think that if the Mozart Scarf doesn't work out, I'll go with this one.  A simple stitch to memorize

Things will be quiet here for the next few days as I fly off for my meeting in MA.  I'll be back Sunday, but don't expect me to post anything until Monday. ;)  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knitting & Traveling

Next Friday, I'm traveling to MA for the USEC meeting.  Actually, I'm flying from Chicago to Detroit to Providence and then driving to MA.  I don't mind flying -- but I do hate layovers.  Unfortunately, all the travel web sites sensed that I was searching for cheap tickets and immediately raised the prices of direct flights.  I even attempted to confuse the sites by searching for tickets to go to NJ for Thanksgiving.  All to no avail.  So to stay reasonably priced,  I had to pick a flight with one stop-over.  

These days, when I know I have to wait, I usually have a book and/or my knitting with me.  I want to take knitting with me.  I'm thinking that a flight would be a great time to work on the Mystery Shawl however I'm using Susan Bates Silverado needles.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to get them through security.  It isn't that I'm worried about loosing the needles, but I can just see getting to Detroit for the layover, going out to check the weather, and then trying to go back through security and having them confiscate my needles and then having NOTHING TO DO!!!!!

There are TSA regulations covering knitting paraphernalia, but I don't know how much individual agents have to pay attention to them. 

Any suggestions for what small project with small needles I can take with me?  I'm thinking maybe a making some mittens or a hat from the Brooks Farm Solana ( Ravelry) that I have left over from the Mini Clap (Ravelry).  I can make those with wooden dpns. 

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Sense of Accomplishment

After the frustration of knitting, and tinking and frogging, and knitting and tinking and frogging some more, this weekend I managed to find a sense of accomplishment.

Friday evening, I knew I was too tired to do any good on the Mystery Shawl, so I left it in its half-frogged state. It took a lot of self-control not to cast-on again right away. Especially since the 3rd clue was being released in the morning along with the first clue for the Halloween Mystery Shawl. Instead, I cast on for my Shades of Green Clapotis (link to Ravelry), (to keep up with the Second Wave Clapotis KAL) and only after carefully weighing my yarn. I got through most of the increase sections and then off to bed -- without having to tink or frog. (Ahhh -- success)

Saturday morning found Bruce & I at an APDT Rally trial. This was our first indoor Rally trial as well as our first foray (outside of Wednesday class) in public without The Husband. Bruce is a very soft dog and because he's so soft, he's very shy and easily scared, and I didn't realize it until he had developed a few issues. We've been working the past two years to get to the point where he can compete in conformation. (If I took him into the ring, he'd either bolt the minute the judge approached him, or would bristle up, barking seriously and would get excused.) My goal for Saturday, was to not be excused. Bruce did really well, he was nervous, but still managed to maintain his cool. We made it through the course but we NQ'd because I gave him a treat at the wrong point. No big deal -- I was thrilled that he made it around the course even though he wasn't always focused on me (okay - he barely focused on me). Our second run, was much better and not only did he not freak out -- we managed to get a qualifying score. So Bruce has the first leg of his Level 1 title. Here's a picture of his ribbon:

Bruce's 1st APDT Ribbon

(Bruce is secure in his masculinity and is not upset about the pink 5th place ribbon.)

Saturday afternoon, I was super tired and didn't want to risk doing horrible things to the Mystery Shawl, so I continued on with my Clapotis. Until I took a nap. When I woke up, refreshed and revitalized, I re-started the Mystery Shawl. I didn't finish the entire first clue and when I got tired -- I switched back to the Clapotis. (Aren't you proud of me???)

Sunday morning -- Bruce & I were back at the Rally trial. He was even better at paying attention to me outside of the ring -- not so much in the ring though. He was also pretty tired. We NQ'd the first run -- my fault because I didn't do the correct thing at the sign. The 2nd run -- we lost 20 points out of 200, but then got the full 10 points for the bonus -- but we were over time. :( But, he sniffed and allowed somebody to pet him. He didn't flip out when somebody walked behind him. It was an awesome weekend for us.

Sunday afternoon -- back to the Mystery Shawl and I have diligently been putting in lifelines -- you can see them in these pictures:

Mystery Shawl 5
Mystery Shawl 6

Now I feel like I accomplished something.

When I got tired, I switched back to the Clapotis. Here's what it looked like today:

ShadesofGreenClapotis 3

The increase sections are done, and I'm working on the fourth of the straight series. I used this information to figure out how many straight sections I could do. I came up with 8.8125. So now I'm thoroughly perplexed -- do I dare go for 9? Or play it safe with 8?