Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Knitting & Traveling

Next Friday, I'm traveling to MA for the USEC meeting.  Actually, I'm flying from Chicago to Detroit to Providence and then driving to MA.  I don't mind flying -- but I do hate layovers.  Unfortunately, all the travel web sites sensed that I was searching for cheap tickets and immediately raised the prices of direct flights.  I even attempted to confuse the sites by searching for tickets to go to NJ for Thanksgiving.  All to no avail.  So to stay reasonably priced,  I had to pick a flight with one stop-over.  

These days, when I know I have to wait, I usually have a book and/or my knitting with me.  I want to take knitting with me.  I'm thinking that a flight would be a great time to work on the Mystery Shawl however I'm using Susan Bates Silverado needles.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to get them through security.  It isn't that I'm worried about loosing the needles, but I can just see getting to Detroit for the layover, going out to check the weather, and then trying to go back through security and having them confiscate my needles and then having NOTHING TO DO!!!!!

There are TSA regulations covering knitting paraphernalia, but I don't know how much individual agents have to pay attention to them. 

Any suggestions for what small project with small needles I can take with me?  I'm thinking maybe a making some mittens or a hat from the Brooks Farm Solana ( Ravelry) that I have left over from the Mini Clap (Ravelry).  I can make those with wooden dpns. 

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jen said...

i just flew from chicago to vegas with 2 sets of knit picks metal sock dpn sets my monkey sock and my chevron scarf. no problems and i've never ever had any probelms with taking knitting flying out of chicago.
just don't put the scissors in yer carry on. :D

tell bruce i'd pet him any day.
i have some pictures to eventually post,of the great dane we play with every tuesday. (he's the neighbors and they both work late on tuesdays so zander and i go over there)