Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday are for Bruce Class

Bruce & I are going to Rally class again tonight. (No, silly Bruce isn't The Husband, he's a Mastiff.) Plus, I'm fixing my pictures so that I can add them to Ravelry.

So for today, I leave you with two things to ponder:

1. Why is it impossible to find a place with a comfortable temperature in the summer? If there's no AC, you're sweltering, but if there is AC, chances are the room is so cold you can see your breath.

2. Ever have a smell trigger a long forgotten memory? Walking to the bus stop after work, I got a whiff of a unpleasant, yet familiar smell. It took a minute, but then I placed the was the same smell that hung in my nose for days when we were dissecting frogs in bio class in high school.

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