Friday, August 17, 2007

etsy Friday

I really like the new trend of etsy Friday. I'm not very creative, so I'll never be a seller, but I do so enjoy shopping and browsing. I started shopping at etsy based on some of the items on Sock Pr0n's blog.

I really like the idea of supporting cottage industries, so I've also created and added an etsy mini to my side bar.

I love these little bags from JapaneseHandMade. This one is holding my Double-Sided Scarf project

Japanese Handmade Etc 2

My StormWater Scarf lives in this one:

Japanese Handmade Etc 1

This picture does not do the lovely colors in this Merino Twist 4-ply Yarn from DragonFibers


I got three adorable gift bags from Betriska. I plan on using them at Christmas to hold presents.

Betriska 2
Betriska 1

I seem to have lost the picture for the third one.

These sweet little stitch markers and row counters are from Sarkasmo. She was a treat to work with and she put together special sizes for me and my scarf projects.
Sarkasmo 1

This adorable bag and dpn holder are housing my Matisse Mittens & Hat and needles. (This will be my first project on dpn's so its in the bag ready to start, but I'm not ready.) I got both the bag and holder from EenyMeeny...MienyMoe.
EenyMeenyMienyMoe 1

I got some more stuff, but no pictures - so here's a quick list.

Adorable penguin cuff links from lux delux. They were a gift for my husband who is now looking for a reason to wear them.

Hand Balm from Azul Bath and Body. This stuff is so wonderfully moisturizing. Yum! I love using it after working with cotton for dish rags.

Hope you enjoyed the little browse through etsy.

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