Monday, September 17, 2007

Just When I Thought I Was Finished...

I thought that I had fixed my picture issues...

But if you look around -- some are still marked as "unavailable". Thanks to Amanda's helpful comment to my Hiatus post, I had a new direction to look for solutions. So I searched and found out it wasn't Google or Blogger or Ravelry, like I thought it was. The issue was with Flickr, but not in the way that I thought.

According to this, if you change the privacy settings of a picture, you change the name of the picture. Nice to know. So because I had uploaded a bunch of pictures, some of which I wanted to be private, all of the got changed to private, and then when I changed the ones I wanted to back to public -- the names changed. Sigh.

I'm so glad I haven't been blogging that long. I'm back "on hiatus" while I fix the pictures that are screwed up on the blog and make sure things are still fully functioning on Ravelry.

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