Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life Goes On

I'm still working on getting the pictures fixed...Every time I think I'm done, I check and poof another one has disappeared.

I did however get my TiVo and Directv talking to each other again. I had to order a special part, but it is worth it. And with the new fall season starting soon, I've got to get those new shows on my list. Almost done with that.

As a reward for being Ms. FixIt -- I went to a Knitty meetup downtown and got to meet a bunch of awesome women. There was blooangl, fujiyamamama, jpknits, snickerdoodle, and bina (who was visiting the city.) It was wonderful company, good food, and good beer. No pictures -- sorry, I went straight after work and I'm not lugging around a camera with all my other crap.

Speaking of work -- my office moved to a new building. The bathrooms are nice, but the toilets are the low water flushing jobbies. Can somebody tell me the savings when you've got to flush 2x or more to get the toilet paper to go away?

(Tune in tomorrow for etsy Friday and next week -- fuzzy dogs!)

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jen said...

totally waiting for fuzzy dogs!! :D