Saturday, November 3, 2007

etsy Friday -- Saturday Edition

I probably shouldn't have delayed posting this because you never know when this item from Christine Renee's shop  will come in handy.  For awhile, I've been worrying about the possibility of a Zombie Attack and now I have the perfect place to document what every member of the family should do to survive.


There's blank pages and pages from old books mixed together. While the pages from old books don't really provide sufficient information to survive the attack, they do provide tantalizing tidbits to make you think:


Without this page, I would not have even thought of making sure we had a tent.


I'm not sure what is being built on this page, but I realize I do need to build some barricades to protect myself, The Husband, and the dogs.

If you're worried about zombie attack and are would like to write up a plan of your own here's where you can your very own Zombie Escape Plan.

Now I can sleep easy because:


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Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I just bought a load of zombie escape plans for my fellow geeks, thanks for the heads up!