Friday, January 4, 2008

etsy Friday

It's FRIDAY!!! Time  for etsy Friday...

These purchases were made before Christmas -- sorry for the delay.

First up, from Knitterella,  lovely knitting gift tags.  These came just in time to attach to few last minute gifts.  There's enough room to add care instruction as well as the names.  You can get yours here. Or if your thing is crochet, you can get crochet gift tags, too.


Special holiday feasts deserve special desserts.  (Okay so it was just me and the Husband, but still we ate good.)  I got the Custom YOU PICK 4 - ANY Cupcake Flavors from Fat Daddy Bake Shop.  (Looks like the they're out of the 4 packs, here's the link for the 6 pack.)  Here's a picture of two of the flavors (Banana Butterscotch Bad Boys and Captain Carrot Cake.)


They were super yummy! Here's what they looked like after dinner:


More recent purchases include a post card from halfempty -- it is too cute, but as it is part of a gift for a pictures.  Sorry.

I do have yarn pr0n though:

From Keegan Lane Yarns:


Nicely wrapped, with a cute note, and yummy, yummy chocolates. (and there was a stitch marker attached to both skeins, but once again, I was too wrapped up to notice right away.  I'm using one now, so no pics.)


Lux Worsted in Black Magic Woman and Prairie Storm

 112008PICS031_edited    112008PICS033_edited 

Bruce was also very interested in the yarn...


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aija said...

Those gift tags are really cool! Bruce's face is so adorable :)