Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time to Give Back

When I started knitting, I never realized the community that would come with my new hobby. First there was some blogs I read, and then there was Ravelry, and within Ravelry, there's The Friends of P. (waves jazz hands at Friends of P)

I am so thankful for this wonderful community and the wonderful people in it. I feel blessed in my life right now, but some folks (or their pups) aren't as in as good a place. Since tax time is coming up and I'm sure you're all getting money back, why not throw a few bucks to some good causes?

First, there's Jess & Casey -- have you noticed that Ravelry's been a little slow lately? Yep -- they're running out "go fast" computer parts. I also didn't know that they were in debt from getting Ravelry up and running. Ravelry is free and is supported through advertisers, but that doesn't take care of the existing debts and equipment needs. So, the wonderful Ravelry user community put together an amazing fund-raising prize filled raffle. You can find all the details on Fricknit's blog. I'll wait while you check it out and chuck some dough at Jess & Casey.

And within a smaller Ravelry group -- the Friends of P -- a rescue pup belonging to KTMay, had a HORRIBLE reaction to all the vaccinations and ended up in the emergency vet. (Those of you with pets know how expensive this can be...) $2K (yup $2000.00) later, Vinnie is home safe. The rescue organization paid all of Vinnie's bills. But you know that's $2K less that they have to spend on other needy dogs. So, to help cover some of the expenses, KTMay donated one of her own Piddly bags. (If you've been trying to get one of these, you know how hard they are to get) and some of her own yarn for a raffle. Other Friends of P, donated some more goodies. You can get the full details on KTMay's blog. (Again, I'll wait while you go throw the puppies some money and come back...)

Aren't getting a refund? Okay -- how about donating some of your knitting?

Becka - the KnittingWounded - is hosting a Knit-Tit-Along. Knitting spare boobies for those who've lost theirs. You can get the details and an adorable button on her blog. Oh -- did I mention prizes? She's really good at prizes. (I won a contest on her blog and OMG she outdid herself!)

Meliabella, she of Keegan Lane yarns fame, has put together a group on Ravelry to knit socks for cancer patients. At Power Socks group, you can either donate your knitting or sign somebody up for some socks. She explains the idea behind the group on her blog.

Its time to give back to the community that gives us all so much -

And to show you how small the world is, I was reading Becka's blog about the Path of Hope and found that a fellow Friend of P, Sarah of Perfect Day yarns is dying a special yarn for charity.

So, take a look at your world, if you got some cash or some knitting to spare, please consider one or all of these extremely worthy causes.


PuppyMomma said...

Waves jazz hands right back atcha

KTMay said...

waves vinnie jazz paws

Thank you for posting this honey. I need to check out the yarn that Sarah is dying for charity...I wanna seeeeeee it!

Anonymous said...

totally gave to jess and casey, now am checking out the yarn for the cause!

can't devote myself to knit anything or else i'd never get anything sewn.

thanks for the links!

rohanknitter said...

Waving back at ya!! So many awesome causes to throw some money (or knitting) at!!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Tee-hee, I threw money at Ravelry and Sarah. Thanks for mentioning me, folks are already throwing their titties at me...

That sounded so wrong!

Life's a Stitch said...

As a director of a local nonprofit organization I am especially appreciate when people give to smaller organizations that can't afford a $16 million fund raising department like the larger ones have.

Thanks for the suggestion.

The Gadabout Knitter said...

Yay for Rav groups and worthy causes!!