Friday, October 26, 2007

etsy Friday

I don't have any actual things to show you. For once, I managed to get through a week without making a purchase. But I can't let a Friday go buy without something etsy, so I thought I'd share how I manage to find so many things to want/buy.

Lots of folks aren't happy with the search capabilities of etsy, and I have to agree. However, there are so many ways to browse and let new and different products that you didn't know you needed find you. On the front page, there's the Main Showcase. You get to see a great mix of items and it changes every day. I found a cute little leather bound notebook the other day.

And for to get ready for Halloween, there's a special Halloween Showcase. This showcase changes every day too. Since I didn't get my Halloween Shawl done in time, do you think the Husband would buy me a necklace instead?

Have you found a different, fun way to browse through etsy?

1 comment:

jen said...

oh that necklacce is pretty cool.
i pretty much take the lazy route and
when i do invoicing i click on the peole who buy from my shop's favorites and check them out that way