Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Must Be Crazy

I must be crazy or at least delusional. Some people have delusions of grandeur. Mine are more delusions of free time. Remember, about a month ago, I joined a bunch of KALs?

Second Wave Clapotis KAL -- I managed to "finish" the Clapotis. Okay -- so I still haven't fixed it, or woven the ends in. I did manage to get it off the needles.

Secret of the Stole -- I swatched on size 4s, but wanted to try it on size 3s. I never did and then I just dropped-out. Oh well. I'm knit stalking somebody who is knitting it, so I'll knit vicarious through her.

Halloween Mystery Shawl -- this is finished and I love the pattern. But I haven't started it yet. And I still haven't found beads fro it.

So this weekend, I'm focusing on the Mystery Shawl. The Husband has been warned in advance that the weekened was dedicated to the shawl and laundry. (We don't own enough clothes to skip a weekend of laundry).

So far seems sane, right?

Did I mention that I joined another lace KAL? Yup. I got sucked in to Mystic Waters (Ravelry). The first clue was posted on Wednesday, so I'm already behind. But I do have my yarn - Malabrigo Lace in Blue & Emerald


Yes, those are beads, and no, the pattern doesn't call for beads. But I got confused and bought the beads. Looking at the first clue, I think I can see where beads would look pretty. There are a couple of other folks who are going to add beads, so being a couple of clues behinds would be to my advantage. .

I'm also working on a secret test knitting project. (Hee, I'm a test knitter!) I can at least show you, my faithful readers, the yarn:


Oh yeah, there's another shawl KAL for the Spring -- Spring Surprise Shawl (Ravelry) Yes, I did sign up but I already have the yarn:

Textiles A Mano 2

See I told you I must be crazy.

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