Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another Leg!

Today was Bruce's first time in Rally Advanced in an actual trial setting. The exercises are a little harder, but the biggest differences are a jump and that its all done off-leash. Bruce & I were the last to go. The first few stations he wandered off, but he slowly figured out that there was no leash, and got concerned that he wasn't attached to me so he did a lot better. We had to redo a few exercises but I thought he did well considering all the distractions at the trial. I had no hopes of qualifying, but the judge thought different. He got a 72 out of 100 which while not the greatest score was still over 70 points needed to qualify! So, Bruce has his Rally Novice title (RN) and the first of three legs for his Rally Advanced title.

Thanks to everybody who send good thoughts and prayers our way! A special thanks to Jen of Piddleloop for her great cheers.

Bruce would've posted himself, but he's too busy celebrating in his favorite way:


1 comment:

jen said...

hooray Bruce! Knew you could do it boy!
such a good boy you are!