Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Finished Objects or Xmas Gifts Finished

If you are related to me or are expecting a Christmas gift from me, and haven't told me that you read this blog, you might want to not read this post. You might find out what you're getting for Christmas. (Thought it would serve you right for reading this blog and not telling me!)

Storm Water Scarf

Pattern: Storm Water Scarf (Ravelry)

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk (Ravelry) in Mermaid

Needles: US 5 Signature Needle Arts with a stiletto tip

Comments: The pattern was easy to memorize and fun to knit. I actually knit most of this scarf on the train commuting to/from work. Sea Silk is soft but also very slick and sometimes finicky. I originally wanted to knit the Montego Bay Scarf (Ravelry) but found the yarn to slippery and persnickety. The scarf blocked out to a really nice size - 11" wide by 71" long. Here it is folded in half lengthwise.


I also blocked the points on the end so they were more distinctive. I think it turned out pretty nicely over all. This will be going to my mother for Christmas.


One Row Handspun by Somebody Else Scarf

Pattern: One Row Handspun Scarf by the Yarn Harlot

Yarn: Illinois Green Pastures Collection 80/20 alpaca wool (Ravelry)

Comments: This was a relatively easy knit. I ended up casting on fewer stitches because the yarn was more of a DK/Worsted weight than the Sport/DK that I originally thought. The yarn was substantial and knitted into a dense fabric.. This is going to be a really warm scarf. I hope my Dad likes it because he's going to get it for Christmas.


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Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I make my grandmother some sort of lace thing every year, but the DUCK has distracted me... Thanks for the gift idea!