Monday, January 7, 2008

Dish Rag Tag Reverse Swap

Many moons ago -- as in August 2007.  I participated in Dish Rag Tag.  My team decided to do a reverse swap and we all promised to get it done in the month of October. I think maybe only one or two teammates actually managed to get theirs out in time.  (I know I didn't.)    About a week ago, I did receive my package from Rena.  The package was well worth the wait!

The contents of the box was covered with seasonal tissue paper -- it just drew out the suspense.


I removed the tissue paper to reveal this:


All the goodies in one bag...


Let's exam the items more closely, shall we? First up, the requisite dish rag... I'm so impressed that she managed to get all of my favorite colors into one dish rag -- there's purple, and green and blue!


And the same colors were in the lovely Merino 5 yarn by Crystal Palace:


And even included a suggested pattern for the yarn:


And what's a swap package without chocolate?  I love that it's SOAP!  It smells so good, I almost want to eat it.


And actual edible chocolate.  (which was eaten soon after this picture was taken).


Thanks Rena, for the awesome package!!!


Rena said...

Wow. I am so glad you finally got the package you deserved!!! Sorry for the suspense but I am glad you liked it. I hope that yarn makes something awesome, It just felt wonderful, I almost didn't want to part with it!!!! ;)-Happy knitting
I hope there is another dishrag tag. It was so much fun and thanks again for being patient with me, and not turning me into the swap police. Haha

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

See, I'd end up eating the chocolate soap. Then obscenities would stream out of my mouth and negate the purpose of putting soap in it.