Friday, September 7, 2007

etsy Friday

I found out something new about etsy. They have Saturday Night Specials. Seriously, I got some good stuff last Saturday. Go to etsy's forums:promotions and look for the SNS thread. Sellers will be posting all night long -- I'm not sure when it starts, maybe 5 pm Eastern... Detials here.

First up, from South Pacific Body some awesome soaps:

South Pacific Body 2

Green Anjou Pear Olive Oil Soap, Man Soap, and Beer Soap with Lime and Orange Zest. The pear soap is for me, the rest is for The Husband as part of his birthday gift. I got a free lip balm - Cool Peppermint, and a wood soap dish, and she included a Lime/Coconut sample. It all smells so good. :D

From Inseine Creations, soap & candles:

Inseine Creations 1

I got the "Breathe Easy" set and a Japanese Pear and Ginseng candle. (The soap isn't in the picture because I had to open it IMMEDIATELY). The candle smells so great -- a nice fragrance but doesn't overwhelm you.

Last, but most definately not least, from Wee Ones:

Wee Ones

I know its a crappy photo -- here a link to the item on Wee Ones LINK -- but I wanted to give you a sense of scale. That's a 5" #6 dpn. I am so impressed with the amount of detail she got into such tiny creations. She's got stuff ready made in her store, and she'll do custom work. I've got to get some pics of Tyler out to her so I can have some Eurasier stitch markers. :D

Go shop -- now!!!

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