Monday, September 3, 2007

Time to Destress

After this weekend, with two girls being in season and a funeral, I need to destress.

I finished the Besotted Scarf for The Husband. (Okay -- it isn't finished, I want to wash it and lightly block it, so it really goes into the 90% done pile.)

Besotted Scarf 2
Besotted Scarf 3
Besotted Scarf 6

Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play
Pattern: Besotted

And I enjoyed going through pictures of Morganna going crazy with the sprinkler. She really loves water -- though it makes bath time super hard. Enjoy!






1 comment:

jen said...

i wish my hounds played int he sprinkler like that!!

awww thank goodness for dogs. I was yelled at for trying to cross the road when i THOUGHT there was a stop sign there, by some guy who proceeded to tell me to get out of the road bitch. So once i got into papersource, there happened to be a woman with a beagle in a leash. I asked if i could pet her. She was such a well behaved little cutie. Made everything better.
ahhh dogs. i don't think i could live without them, or other peoples!