Thursday, September 27, 2007

What WAS on My Needles on Wednesday

Yes, Wednesday was yesterday and I did have something on my needles. I had planned on pinning out the Mystery Shawl (Clue A complete!) and taking pictures. But, I also had to go to Rally class with Bruce. So no picture.

I could've taken a picture today -- except that I decided to work on it when I got home from class and I learned a very valuable lesson:

Mystery Shawl 5 + New TV Season = FROG

I actually took it off the needles last night in frustration. Here's how I learned this very valuable lesson:

The 2nd clue was released on Saturday. I was feeling a bit behind because it took so long for me to pick a yarn. I figured I'd print out both clues on Monday at work, enlarge the charts, and cast on Monday night. It shouldn't take that long to catch-up as I've been seeing people post their completed clues within 24 hrs. My yarn arrived Saturday and the Husband was kind enough to wind it into cakes on Sunday. Printed the pattern at work. I got home and knitted up a swatch for Secret of the Stole.* Then I cast on for MS5 and that was the end of me. I became addicted to watching this thing grow. I cranked out about 20 rows without incident. I'm thrilled -- I'll catchup in no time! Woo hoo!

Then a new show started (Chuck if you're interested). Knit, knit, knit -- wait that doesn't look right -- what did I mess up? Hey wait, what just happened on TV? Rewind, watch, pause (oh how I love my TiVo), find the mistake, tink back a bit. Okay, knitting again. Going good. Huh? I'm reading the wrong row? Tink, tink, tink. Fix. Knit, knit, knit, knit -- wait this isn't garter stitch, crap -- rip back 3 rows (why does Heroes have so many subtitles?) Head up to bed, knit a few more rows. Just one more row and then I'll go to sleep. Wait -- its 1 am???!!!??? Crap.

Tuesday -- get home and start knitting again. It is basically a repeat of Monday, except with different television shows. (Journey Man on TiVo from Monday, House and Bones.) Oh - and ripping back the last four rows I knit last night. Ahhh Clue A is completely done. What? 1:30 am??? Crap.

Wednesday -- get home, do house stuff, go to rally calls, come home and start knitting again. Repeat of Monday, with different TV shows. Yes, it includes the ripping back. Head up to bed -- knit a few more rows -- find an error, tear back the 4 rows to get to where I made the mistake. Picking up the stitches, realize that there's another error, three rows down. (Of course, I didn't figure this out until I had picked up all the stitches and done one or two rows.) I did this three or four times. Seriously, I ended up working on the same rows that I was working on Monday night.

However, I cannot stop wanting to knit this thing. Look at the colors, the details...

Mystery Shawl 3

Mystery Shawl 4

But the poor yarn, I swear I've knitted the same yarn four or more times. It is tired. It needs to relax -- especially since my knitting tightened up A LOT while I was stressing. I've decided to frog the whole thing. I'm going to see just how kinked the yarn is -- if it is really bad, it'll be re-skeined and given a light bath. Luckily, I've got 3 other cakes to work from. But not tonight. No. I am going to wait until Saturday. The Husband is in a golf tournament -- gone all day. Bruce & I have a rally trial in the morning, but other than that -- I got nothing... except laundry. (Why is there always laundry to do? Seriously, it never seems to get done.) The Husband was also kind enough to run out during his lunch hour to get me some embroidery floss to use as a lifeline. I'm not working without a net again! I'll worry about this on Saturday...

Mystery Shawl 2

No, tonight -- I'm going to start on my Clapotis -- after all that



How about some puppy pictures? (I have no idea why I cannot get a decent shot of Tyler & the Mastiffs together.) He was on one side and they were on the other -- the gate was open, so I don't know why they thought they had to stay in "jail".




Sue, aka seiding said...

That frogged yarn is Briar Rose, right? Gorgeous! I started on size 4 needles for Secret of the Stole, and thought it was too open, too. Still have to block the size 3 swatch.

jen said...

awww (not so really) jailed doggies.

and mr fuzzypants totally rules.

sorry about the shawl. that happened to me on the monkey sock. i somehow had 16 sts on every needle but one and 3 extra on ONE. and i was 3 pattern repeats i just decrese like it's no big deal..and keep going only to find a big hole on one side...i somehow dropped 2 sts and didn't notice and i had just given up by then.

Carole said...

Beautiful yarn -- you're shawl will be gorgeous! I had similar problems, but frogged and am almost through clue 2.

Good luck,
Carole Knits (in Houston)

The crazy cat lady said...

That is awesome yarn!

Hey, are you still up for Yarncon?

I'm thinking that I will be able to Sherpa for the event.

Let me know. I'm also thinking that I figured out the cable issue.