Friday, December 21, 2007

etsy Friday -- Puppy Edition

Only one etsy item this Friday, from Kelly's Delights -- treats for the puppies. Bacon Cheese Mini Dog Treats and Chicken Mini Dog Treats. She bakes them to order and sends them out priority mail. I think the dogs knew that the box was for them before we opened it. There was an extra little knitted ball included.


Bruce was very interested in the treats...


Tyler shows his interest (but will not give up his comfy bed:


Lizzie wanted second taste:


Morganna wouldn't take her eyes off of her daddy hoping for an extra:


But the girls really loved their new ball.

12_15_2007Pics023_edited12_15_2007Pics024_edited12_15_2007Pics025_edited12_15_2007Pics026_edited 12_15_2007Pics027_edited

You might think that they lost interest:


But, Lizzie just lost possession:


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Anonymous said...

OMG! look at all the mastiff pictures!!!!