Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Knitting -- Almost Finished

Don't hate me because I've managed to finish most my Christmas knitting.  I have to get everything done early because it needs to be shipped to the East Coast.  Most of what's left is for The Husband's family and just needs to be washed and blocked.  Hopefully, I'll have some more finished objects next week.

Note: If you are related to me or are expecting a Christmas gift from me, and haven't told me that you read this blog, you might want to not read this post. You might find out what you're getting for Christmas. (Thought it would serve you right for reading this blog and not telling me!)

I know I blogged about a bunch of this stuff before, but here's the whole array of finished items.

12_15_2007Pics011_edited 12_15_2007Pics012_edited
Jute Rope Scarf
Pattern: Jute Rope Scarf
Yarn:  Catalina Baby Alapaca Chunky

Drew's Hat
Pattern: Zissou Hat
Yarn:  Brooks Farm Mas-Acero

Hats for Nieces
Pattern:  Ann Norling Head Huggers
Yarn:  Kramer Yarn Mauch Chunky

Mittens for Nieces
Pattern:  Basic Mitten Pattern
Yarn:  Brooks Farm Solana

Bath Mitt Pattern:  Sugar & Cream Bath Mitt
Yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

12_15_2007Pics010_edited 12_15_2007Pics009_edited
Scrunchable Scarf
Pattern: Scrunchable Scarf
Yarn:  Brooks Farm Four Play

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