Friday, August 31, 2007

etsy Friday

It's etsy Friday and today's focus is on Piddleloop Sewing Team. You can see their stuff through etsy, and their blog.

I bought this box bag with a matching zippered notions pouch.

Piddleloop 2

I love how the interior color matches the swirls on the outside
Piddleloop 1

I love how the handle loops co-ordinate with the fabric. (as does the zipper and the zip pull stitch marker...)
Piddleloop Swag 6

And if that wasn't enough also included in my package was some fun little bits enclosed in this adorable Hello Kitty ziploc. (Somebody makes these? Who knew????)
Piddleloop Swag 5

Look at all this cute stuff!!!

Piddleloop Swag 4
Piddleloop Swag 3

(I made my husband take two pictures, because I totally didn't realize that there were an E and a W stitch marker -- my initials. Sometimes, I'm not the brightest bulb.)

These are the cutest cards... I don't know how I'd be able to actually write on them and give them to somebody. (Oh wait -- I can always buy more from their store!!! Duh -- that bulb thing again.)
Piddleloop Swag 1

And then there were some samples from other etsy stores in gorgeous fibers and awesome colors. I'm kinda on a stash diet, but I'm hanging onto these cards...
Piddleloop Swag 2

I so totally love etsy... the husband so totally doesn't. LOL

1 comment:

jen said...

oh the bag looks good in yer home! we love to see them in people's environments. hope it makes your knitting look super stylish

and the extra bits, you've let out our secret! :D glad you like them!