Thursday, August 30, 2007

Introducing the "Fur Kids"

Everybody I meet is always curious about my dogs. The Husband and I share our lives with three Mastiffs and one Eurasier.

Our Mastiffs generally lay around in a clump.
From left to right -- Lizzie, Bruce and Morganna

Bruce is the oldest at 3 years and 5 months old. We used to show him in conformation, but stopped for two reasons. One, he's physically immature (we're hoping he'll fill out soon) and two, he's a big scaredy cat. We started doing Rally-O to build his confidence. This summer, we began competing in AKC Rally -- he has two legs towards his Rally Novice title. Isn't he handsome:

Lizzie is my blessing. She is the sweetest things on four legs. Lizzie is a TDI Therapy dog and has her CGC. She's also got two points towards her conformation title. We hope that one day in the next year, she will become the foundation of Pantheon Acres kennels. She just turned two and will go for her health tests next month. Her cutest quirk is that she loves to carry a toy in her mouth -- I keep saying she's really a lab in a Mastiff costume. (Bruce is Lizzie's Uncle -- his litter mate is Lizzie's sire.)
Picture 190

Morganna is the baby of the family at 11 months old. She is most definitely daddy's girl but you've got to wonder if she's got him wrapped around her paw or if he's got her wrapped around her finger. I keep trying to convince him to take her into the show ring, because she shows nicely for me, but I think she'd be amazing showing off with her daddy. Ain't she the cutest? (Bruce is her half-Uncle. He and her mom have the same dad, but different mothers.)
Morganna & Toy

Last but definitely not leas is our Eurasier -- Tyler. Eurasiers are a rare breed. You can get more information here: USEC. Tyler is doesn't compete because he's neutered. We neutered him because of his conformation faults. Also, at 2 years old, Tyler was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. It seems to affect his memory and his attention span, but he's still a happy and fun puppy to have around. He's three weeks younger than Bruce. Here's Mr. Fuzzy Pants:

These dogs have brought so much joy into our lives. We've traveled around the US and into Canada. We've met wonderful people in person and via the Internet. Every day I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.


jen said...

oh man i love your gaggle of dogs!
i have to say mr fuzzy pants cracks me up. I normally think all the crazy people on you tube who have like 3 por 4 basset hounds are nutzo-out-the-butzo, because that's just well too much hound. 3 mastiff's is quite more than a bit of dog!

love the pictures of them! and thanks for the link so i can learn about the crazy breed i've never of before! must go read about it now!

Dani said...

OH! A fellow mastiff lover AND Knitter!!

Your clan is beautiful! We have an almost 7 year old silver fawn named Trinity. I SO love this breed. (pics of my girl here

Anyway, found you by way of Jen (piddleoop) and when she mentioned your mastiffs, I had to come see =)