Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stitches Midwest Recap

So what if Stitches Midwest was almost a month ago – I didn’t have a blog back then. And I have pictures.

Stitches was great fun and a little overwhelming. The sheer volume of vendors, yarn, and people can put one into sensory overload. I planned on walking the area and then going back through to actually shop. I did so well at the start -- that was because the first few booths were companies rather than vendors. I did manage to get the cutest little sample of Malabrigo Laceweight.

Malabrigo 2

But then, I got to Deanna's Vintage Styles. She has the nicest beaded scarf pattern and kits that had either wool or ribbon and beads all together. She was kind enough to demonstrate several little "tricks" for knitting up the design. I was hooked and all good intentions when out the window. I bought a kit - no picture. (I guess I forgot to take one and then it was packed away with the rest of the stash.)

That one little purchase just opened up a flood of stash enhancement that I don't think I'll ever be able to repeat.

Moonrise had the cheapest Addi lace circulars (according to their sign) so I got a set of #4 to try, and then a lace book that was going OOP (Barbara Abbey's Knitting Lace) and as long as I was there I got a Lace Sampler Scarf Kit.

A quick stop at Esther's Place -- got some gorgeous brown roving with little copper flecks mixed in and a skein of beautiful bulky yarn.
Illinois Green Pastures Collection 4

I then started working my way back up the row, just to make sure I didn’t' miss anything. Lots of lovely yarn to touch and ooh and ahh over. I turned the corner and came to Black Water Abbey Yarns. The colors are just so lovely. I grabbed a pattern and two skeins of worsted in Seafoam and a skein of Dark Jacob fingering. While I was standing there, the Pippin color just begged to go home with me. How could I refuse?
Black Water Abbey 3


Black Water Abbey 1

Dark Jacob Fingering

Black Water Abbey 2

Pippen (could you leave it behind???)

Some more meandering and touching and pricing, led me to Jojoland and the beautiful colors. I first read about Jojoland Melody at Little Knits and wanted to see these colors in person. The patterns for this yarn have the most incredible self-striping. Look here: Pretty things. I'll wait.

Are you surprised that I picked-up the pattern for the Traveling Leaf Shawl and Ripple Shawl? I bought a bag of 10 skeins because I have to make the Traveling Leaf Shawl shawl. (In the Y06 color way -- that really needs a better name.)
Jojoland 1

(No, I wasn't going to take it out the bag just for a picture! I want to keep it safe and sound until I'm ready for it!)

After that little purchase, I checked my watch and ran to the “dining area” to for a KnittyHead meet-up. I didn’t see anybody wearing yarn at first and started to worry that I would have put some my new roving on my head and see if anybody approach me. Luckily, I spotted them before I had to get too drastic. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting several lovely KnittyHeads, Celtic Coyote, Plum Fan, Big Wild Onion, Darx, Chanell, Seiding and Kathrows (hey, I’m famous!)

I think that I’ve said enough about Stitches Midwest and the amount of stuff I bought. It is really embarrassing ‘cause I’m realizing just how much I bought If you want to see it all, you can click on my flickr badge (sidebar) or check it out on Ravelry.


jen said...

oh lace! something i avoid at all costs. mostly because i just make messes!

(oh my and your word for verification is mypoo!!!)

Sue, aka seiding said...

What I find totally amazing is that the only booth you mention that stuck out to me was the Jojoland, and yet I am lusting over the yarns you bought. It was just so big that I was bound to miss stuff, I suppose! Great haul!